I am often asked what an injured person should do immediately after a car accident.  There are 5 things you should do.

What do to immediately after a car accident:

Stay Safe

Do not exit your vehicle after a car accident unless you are certain that it is completely safe to do so. Getting out of your vehicle may cause further injury or may put you in the direct line of traffic.

Take Photos

If you feel it is safe to do so, take photos of the damage to your vehicle, any other vehicle involved in the collision, the scene of the incident and any other photos you feel might be helpful at a later date like any injury you have sustained. The best evidence of an incident are photos taken at the scene on the date of the injury. Remember, the more photographs the better.

Call the Police

If you are having any type of pain following a car accident, it is imperative that you contact 911 and have a police officer write a report. Having an objective eye at the scene can be incredibly helpful. Although the officer’s opinions are not admissible at trial, their observations are admissible.

Take Care of Yourself

Feeling any pain? Don’t hesitate to get help. Visit the ER or make an appointment with your doctor. Doctors will create a record your complaints of injuries which can helpful at a later time. As a side note, follow the doctor’s orders. If you are unhappy with the doctor’s recommendations, do not hesitate to get a second opinion.

Don’t talk to the opposing insurance adjuster until you have consulted with a lawyer

They will call you, but you are under no obligation to speak to the at fault party’s insurance carrier until it is time for you to make a claim. If you have an attorney, you will never need to speak directly to the insurance adjuster as the attorney can do that for you. Remember, anything you do or say, can and will be used against you when it comes time for the insurance company to pay you for the damages you sustained, so it’s best to not say anything at all.


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