We’ve discussed when you should call a personal injury attorney and how to choose one that’s right for you, but that leaves one important questionwhat exactly does a personal injury lawyer do? Well, in short, a good personal injury lawyer should do the following three things:

  1. Help guide you through the personal injury legal process

  2. Attempt to get you the most money possible for your case

  3. Negotiate medical liens after the case is over, if there are any

Let’s take a closer look a these three things.

1. A personal injury attorney will guide you through the legal process

If you’ve been injured as the result of a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, slip and fall, dog bite or sustained a head injury, odds are that it’s the first time you have ever had to deal with a situation like this.

The ensuing legal process can be both complicated and tricky. It is truly a David vs. Goliath situation every time. A good personal injury lawyer will walk you through the entire process, keeping you informed and connected to the process. An experienced attorney will be able to clearly explain not only the steps involved when bringing a claim or lawsuit, but also the reasoning behind the strategy to get the most money for your case.


2. A personal injury lawyer will do their best to get you the most money possible for your case

We know, you don’t want to take advantage of the system. But we really don’t want the system to take advantage of you! If you’ve been injured in any type of accident, you are going to experience expenses and challenges. It is your right to get compensated for both of those.

The challenge is that, when you bring a claim for insurance money after a car accident, you deal with extremely experienced insurance adjusters whose sole job is to deny your claim or at the very least pay you as little as possible. You deserve better. An experienced lawyer will know exactly what information to give the insurance adjuster to convince them to pay what is rightly owed to you. And when the insurance adjuster fights back, your personal injury attorney will go to bat for you, to get you everything you deserve.  


3. A personal injury attorney will negotiate any existing medical liens after the case is over

Most people do not realize that, after a case is settled, many health insurance companies, hospitals and other health care providers demand to get a piece of the settlement pie. An experienced lawyer can help guide you through dealing with these entities and in many cases may be able to help negotiate a waiver or a reduction in these requests for reimbursement. At the Law Offices of Mark D. Rosenberg we take great care to shepherd a case from beginning to end—even through the often tedious process of handling requests for money by health care providers and health insurance companies.


After a car accident, call Mark Rosenberg

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